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Our training program offers a safe and friendly environment for the novice to advanced rider. Whether you are interested in Equitation, Showjumping or Training for your horse, we have a flexible program to suit each individual.

Kilham Farm is dedicated to horsemanship skills of our young riders as we know they may eventually become the Equitation Medal and Olympic riders of tomorrow. Our young riders learn to groom, tack up and ride on their own ponies. Our Trainers help to find the right rider/pony combination based on each rider's abilities.

Our more experienced riders compete at the regional and statewide level - occasionally International as well! We have a wide range of talented teen and adult amateur riders who all love to challenge their jumping skills in a full training program. While we have structure and goals to our riding program, we are still able to maintain a casual relaxed atmosphere.

Our trainers offer a flexible schedule that caters to the demanding schedules of both children and adults. We are open Tuesday thru Sunday with lessons scheduled every day between 9am and 6pm.


The Kilham Farm horses are happy and healthy. We feed only the best grade of hay from reliable sources (80% grass, 20% alfalfa). A variety of supplements are provided depending on the horses' needs, including regular bran mashes, vitamins, homeopathic therapies and grains.

Our stalls are 12' x 12', many with paddocks, and are freshly bedded daily with heavily banked sides to prevent casting.

Regular dental and veterinary care are provided and we work closely with both our local vet and the veterinary staff at UC Davis. Our farrier has been a part of our team for over 25 years. His regular weekly visits result in sound horses with healthy feet.


Kilham Farm is perfect for layup. Whatever the need - rest, pregnancy and foaling, aged horses, injury recovery - we offer first class round-the-clock professional care. We provide large flat paddocks with roomy bedded stalls, ice therapy for leg injuries, bodywork and our state-of-the-art Eurowalker to gently maintain muscle tone and suppleness. Our on-call vet is just minutes away.

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