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Elizabeth Kilham

Elizabeth "Lumpy" Kilham was born into the world of horses. She hails from 4 generations of Virginia horsemen and women. Her mother, Betty Kilham, trainer, breeder and teacher extraordinaire, was awarded AHSA Horsewoman of The Year: watching her ride a horse with her feather-touch was awe-inspiring.

Lumpy defines her family heritage with her great athletic ability and intrinsic understanding of horses. She qualified for the Olympic Games before she was 20. Over the years she has firmly established herself as a top-notch trainer and rider and has "an eye for a horse" unparalled. Lumpy teaches riders and their horses how to work together to be the best team possible, and to have fun in the process - a very rewarding mix.

Holly Kilham Charlebois

Holly, like her mother, was riding horses before she was born, and grew up in the warm environment of the Kilham farm extended family.

Holly successfully attainded her degree in Business Management and Economics from UC Santa Cruz and loves working full-time on the ranch as co-owner, business manager and speciality trainer.


Dedicated to her profession, Holly provides lessons, assists with purchases, arranges for boarding, and helps clients with overall care for their horses, either at the farm or while traveling on the show circuit.


She is an encouragement to young and older riders alike and embodies yet another generation of excellent Kilham Horsewomen.

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Assistant Trainer

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Barn Manager

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